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Feb. 2012 - Ongoing   (12yrs 5mos)
"Andrew saved our website!"
Nov. 2022
Qronq : Developer / QR Coding
The most compact QR codes possible.
Jun. 2021 - Ongoing   (3yrs 2mos)
Rise Up Wellness : Webmaster / Wordpress Site
Managing WordPress site for a non-profit organization providing yoga and nutrition classes.
Feb. 2020 - Ongoing   (4yrs 6mos)
"I'd recommend him to any employer."
Nov. 2019
Office Depot : Manager / Print Production
Managing a fast-paced retail print production shop handling everything from blueprints to mass mailings.
Feb. 2019 - Feb. 2020  (1yr)
Wi-Tronix : Web Developer / Rail Data
Salesforce forms integration using Javascript/HTML/CSS for customer portal system.
May. 2018 - Dec. 2018  (7mos)
Smartphone version of the world's first video game (1962's "Spacewar!"). Running on a Javascript simulation of one of the first commercially produced computers (DEC's PDP-1).
Jan. 2018 - Ongoing   (6yrs 6mos)
"I wish him all the best in the future."
Feb. 2018
Virtual Billy Bass
Javascript version of the iconic toy, speaks weather and fortunes with synchronized animations.
Jan. 2018 - Ongoing   (6yrs 6mos)
Chicago Ghost Bikes : Webmaster / Nonprofit Org
Developed in PHP and MySQL under Apache. Created and manage their website, social media and maps.
Jan. 2016 - Ongoing   (8yrs 7mos)
InfoWall of at-a-glance weather and webcams.
Aug. 2015 - Ongoing   (9yrs)
Chicago Transit Authority
Andrew's work appeared on the CTA's resources pages.
Jun. 2013
Andrew's work appeared on Divvy Bike's resources pages.
Jun. 2013
Apps for Metro Chicago
Finalist in the Metro Chicago Information Center's data portal contest.
Dec. 2011
MorCare LLC : Web Developer / Medical Records
Managed WordPress and Orchard websites as well as documentation and videos using Salesforce and Apex, SQL, VB and C#, Javascript/HTML/CSS and more on LAMP and Windows servers.
Mar. 2011 - Nov. 2017  (6yrs 8mos)
iKudos : Programmer / iPhone App
Developed in C and XCode under Cordova with jQuery to create an iPhone/iPad app that speaks praises.
May. 2014 - Aug. 2017  (3yrs 3mos)
Bicycling Safety Action Game version of the Frogger arcade classic. All Javascript "WebApp" runs in local browser, uses Orientation API for joystick control on smartphones.
Jul. 2011 - Ongoing   (13yrs 1mo)
Go2 Partners : Programmer / Barcoding Solutions
Developed in C, VB, and PHP/MySQL under IIS to create patented web-connected barcoding systems used by major corporations.
Jul. 2006 - Mar. 2011  (4yrs 8mos) : Web Developer / Social Cycling System
Developed in Javascript, PHP and MySQL under Apache to create a renowned bicycling navigation webapp.
May. 2009 - Ongoing   (15yrs 3mos)
Weighted Attribute Balance Evaluator
Developing in JavaScript and HTML.
Feb. 2009 - Ongoing   (15yrs 6mos)
Break The Gridlock : Board Member / Transit Advocacy Org
Served on the Board of Directors. Managed several Drupal ("LAMP") websites, social media and emailing lists.
Feb. 2009 - Aug. 2015  (6yrs 6mos)
U.S. Patent
Andrew is named on several intellectual properties.
Dec. 2008
Triton Troupers Circus
Certificate of outstanding contribution for 10+ years.
May. 2008
Triton Troupers Circus : Webmaster / Drupal Site
Developed in PHP and MySQL under Apache/Linux. Created and still manage the Drupal website, social media and emailing lists of this famed circus.
Mar. 2007 - Ongoing   (17yrs 5mos)
Chicago Critical Mass : Webmaster / Drupal Site
Developed in PHP and MySQL under Apache to manage their Drupal website, and created their social media presence.
Jun. 2006 - Ongoing   (18yrs 2mos)
World Naked Ride : Webmaster / Drupal Site
Working in PHP and MySQL under Apache to create and manage their Drupal website, social media and emailing lists.
Mar. 2006 - Ongoing   (18yrs 5mos) :
Developed in PHP, HTML, CSS under Apache.
Jan. 2005 - Ongoing   (19yrs 7mos)
Web-Based Media Manager
2005 - Ongoing   (19yrs 7mos)
Mid-Central Printing : Database Manager / Bulk Mailer
Used databases and Perl with specialized presort software to process lists for one of Illinois' busiest bulk mailers. Also created the company website and more.
Jan. 2005 - Jul. 2006  (1yr 7mos)
TrippLite : Web Developer / Management Intranet
Developed in PHP and MySQL to maintain and enhance web-based project management software.
Jun. 2004 - Jan. 2005  (8mos)
"Thank you for making the difficult easy and the unavailable real!"
Mar. 2004 :
Developed in HTML and CSS.
Jan. 2004 - Ongoing   (20yrs 7mos)
Sentact : Web Developer / Facilities Management
Developed in PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS to enhance a major web-based facilities management package.
Nov. 2003 - Jan. 2004  (3mos)
"Thanks for the great work"
Sep. 2003 : Web Developer / Classified Ads
Developed in Perl and PHP, SSI and HTML under Apache to overhaul and maintain Chicago's leading party resources advertising system.
Jan. 2003 - Dec. 2013  (11yrs)
Web-Based File Manager
2002 - Ongoing   (22yrs 7mos)
Web-Based Database Editor
2002 - Ongoing   (22yrs 7mos)
Andrew has developed for an extraordinary variety of mobile devices.
More Sites

Nov. 2001 - May. 2002  (7mos)
Chicago Matches : Web Developer / Social Networks
Developed in PHP and MySQL, HTML/Javascript/CSS under Apache/Linux to build dating systems.
Nov. 2001 - Dec. 2002  (1yr 1mo)
Newcity was a "Best of Chicago" readers' polls winner in 2001.
Sep. 2001 : Promo Site
Developed in PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS under Apache.
Jan. 2001 - Ongoing   (23yrs 7mos)
Get That Gig : Web Developer / Internship System
Developed in Perl and MySQL, HTML and Javascript under Linux to create an internship placement website.
Jan. 2001 - Oct. 2001  (10mos)
Restaurant Recruit : Web Developer / Hiring System
Developed in Perl and MySQL, HTML and Javascript under Linux to create a food service employment website.
Jan. 2001 - Oct. 2001  (10mos) was a "Best Of The Net" winner in 2000.
Oct. 2000
Strategic Studies : Web Developer / Online K-12
Developed in Perl and MySQL, HTML and JavaScript under NT and Linux to create a courseware system.
Jul. 2000 - Nov. 2000  (5mos)
Chicago Tribune
Glowing review of Getalife software.
Jan. 2000
London Free Press
Glowing review of Getalife software.
Jan. 2000
Glowing review of Getalife software.
Jan. 2000
Glowing review of Getalife software.
Jan. 2000
BigDOC : Web Developer / Online Software Sales
Developed in Perl under Linux to create an e-commerce system for PalmPilot software.
Jan. 2000 - Sep. 2001  (1yr 8mos)
"Congratulations on getting this in place on a shoestring!"
Oct. 1999
Newcity was a "Best of Chicago" readers' polls winner in 1999.
Sep. 1999 : Social Site
Developed in PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS under Apache.
Jan. 1999 - Ongoing   (25yrs 7mos)
Getalife : Programmer / Computer Addiction Game
Created a Windows/DOS game in Pascal and its e-commerce site in Perl under Unix.
Jan. 1999 - Jan. 2001  (2yrs)
Palm Docs : Programmer / Online Software Sales
Created e-commerce sites in Perl under Unix to sell PalmPilot software.
Jan. 1999 - Sep. 2001  (2yrs 8mos)
NewCity was a "Best of Chicago" readers' polls winner in 1998.
Sep. 1998
QED/QEX : Programmer / PalmPilot Text Editing
Created a Windows file conversion program for PalmPilot documents, as well as its e-commerce system and licensing serialization in Perl under Unix.
Jul. 1998 - Sep. 2001  (3yrs 2mos)
Prince Interactive : Web Developer / E-Commerce
Created early online retail system with integrated credit card processing in C under Unix for enigmatic game sales.
Feb. 1998 - Dec. 1999  (1yr 11mos)
Website Templates
Archive of basic commercial themes for small web projects.
1997 - Ongoing   (27yrs 7mos)
Visionary 2000 : Creator / PalmPilot Accessories
Developed e-commerce system in C under Unix to sell PalmPilot accessories.
Sep. 1997 - Jan. 2000  (2yrs 4mos)
"Extremely satisfied with Andrew's job performance... Clearly an outstanding programmer."
May. 1997
D.G. Systems : Programmer / Online Media Sales
Developed in Informix/Cobol SQL/4GL under Unix, C under NT to implement online video ordering.
May. 1997 - May. 2000  (3yrs 1mo)
Mediatech : Programmer / Online Media Sales
Developed in NetDynamics, C and Informix under NT and SCO Unix to implement online order entry to a Cobol legacy mainframe.
May. 1997 - May. 2000  (3yrs 1mo)
"patient and knowledgeable ... positive and enthusiastic"
Oct. 1996
Resnet : Programmer / Restaurant Reservations System
Developed online restaurant reservation system in VB and C under Unix and NT.
Oct. 1996 - May. 1997  (8mos)
Multimedia Systems : Programmer / Internet TV
Developed server software in C under Linux to support thin-client browsers.
Apr. 1996 - Oct. 1996  (7mos)
Windows Telephone Dialer
1996 - Ongoing   (28yrs 7mos)
"great satisfaction with your work... available and helpful in the extreme"
Aug. 1995
Text Stream Word Wrapper
1995 - Ongoing   (29yrs 7mos)
"Thanks for saving my business!!"
Dec. 1994
Absolute Solutions : Programmer / Equipment Sales System
Developed a major sales contact management product in Visual Basic on Windows networks.
Jun. 1994 - May. 1996  (2yrs)
Bulletin Board System
1994 - Ongoing   (30yrs 7mos)
"knowledge and expertise has become something I can rely on"
Apr. 1993
Database Dump Utility
1993 - Ongoing   (31yrs 7mos)
The company's first ever "Mr. Congeniality" award for Extreme Patience in Service to Customers.
Dec. 1992
"always been a pleasure ... wish him the very best"
Sep. 1992
Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals
ICCP is THE standard for certification of computer professionals since 1973. Passed with honors in the top 10%!
May. 1992
Serial Communications Utilities
1992 - Ongoing   (32yrs 7mos)
Handheld Fractal Generator
1992 - Ongoing   (32yrs 7mos)
"reliable professional. ... good understanding of high technology equipment ..."
Dec. 1991
Dallas VAMC
"proved himself to be a highly reliable and responsive individual"
Jul. 1991
"attention to detail and genuinely cared about the quality ... an asset to any company"
Jul. 1991
"worked to fix problems promptly and showed real concern"
Jul. 1991
"one of a few excellent programmers"
Jul. 1991
"knowledgeable and courteous"
Jul. 1991
Ibid : Programmer / Stock Photo Sales System
Developed in dBase on Windows networks to implement a specialized image leasing system.
Jun. 1991 - Jun. 1993  (2yrs 1mo)
"continually demonstrated technical expertise ... responsive to customer ... highly recommend"
Jan. 1991
Chicago Fun News : Publisher / Chicago's Oldest Online Guide
Working with Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, more. Sole author of massive website and emailing list.
Jan. 1991 - Ongoing   (33yrs 7mos)
JFM Management : Programmer / Business Systems
Developed in Cobol and C under Unix to maintain and enhance a high-end accounting system.
Nov. 1990 - Apr. 1996  (5yrs 6mos)
John Bardeen
Note from a Nobel Prize winner.
Feb. 1990
"greatly appreciate your talents and attitude"
Jun. 1989
R.S.P. Electronics : Programmer / Industrial Controls
Developed in Pascal and C under DOS. Created master control programs for device networks.
Feb. 1988 - Nov. 1990  (2yrs 10mos)
Pitney Bowes : Database Manager / Automated Typesetting
Developed in Tex, Awk and PostScript under DOS and Unix. Converted diverse media and file formats for printing.
Feb. 1987 - Feb. 1988  (1yr)
"innate understanding of computers ... able to handle projects of considerable complexity"
Nov. 1986
Print Magazine Award
Educational computer game was a major component in an award winning museum exhibit at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
Jan. 1985
Miracle Factory : Programmer / Educational Activities
Developed in Pascal and Basic to create educational games for Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Chicago Botanic Gardens.
Dec. 1984 - Dec. 1987  (3yrs 1mo)
Chicago Botanic Garden
"ingenuity and creativity ... thorough knowledge of computers and programming"
Nov. 1984
The Early Years : Andrew's First PCs
Student and hobbyist since the dawn of microprocessors.
Aug. 1978 - Ongoing   (46yrs)

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